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Phone Support number : 1-855-229-6128
Email Address: [email protected]

About C. H. Robinson

CH Robinson Tracking

C.H. Robinson addresses logistics challenges for companies operating in a variety of industries, ranging from the most straightforward to the most complex. They are a component of one of the biggest worldwide logistics networks, which manages 20 million deliveries annually and $28 billion in cargo. Their extensive range of goods and services from around the world facilitates trade and provides the goods and services that power the financial system. They use their various transportation management technologies and expertise to provide their over millions of customers and 85,000 leased carriers with better options. Their service was created by and for supply chain experts to assist their clients in achieving quicker, more meaningful results. They are also pleased to donate huge amounts of money to assist causes that are significant to their company, their charity, and their employees’ roles as responsible global citizens.

When it comes to freight, intermodal, and maritime services, they assist in making use of headhaul and backhaul options. By offering suggestions for loading and mode optimization, clients reduce the number of empty kilometers travelled and make optimum use of transportation infrastructure. This reduces CO2 emissions that are not necessary. When it comes to less than truckload (LTL) freight, they properly match freight with operators that generate the maximum return value to generate more fully utilized trucks. 

With data and analytics, they provide clients with a comprehensive view of the environmental impact and changes over time in their distribution networks. These capabilities propose methods for reducing carbon emissions across the entire supply chain. Additionally, they regularly acquire data-driven insights that their customers, contracted operators, and allies may utilise to progress their sustainable goals thanks to the over 1,000 data analysts, engineers, and developers that work with them.

How do I track an LTL shipment from CH Robinson?

Easytrackings is an online parcel tracking website. You just have to do one simple step, Just put your tracking number in the above box. Online Tracker will provide all the latest info about your delivery.

How do I find my CH Robinson T number?

You can find your C.H. Robinson ID number on check stubs or load confirmations. All identification numbers start with the letter “T,” followed by a series of digits.