DOT Line Transportation Company Customer Support

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Customer Help Phone Number: 1-800-423-3780

About DOT Line Transportation

One of the most profitable long-haul expedited trucking companies in America is DOT-Line Logistics. Although the quantity and full truck cargo are major areas of expertise, the coast-to-coast less-than-truckload sector is DOT-Primary Line’s industry. Since they provide some of the quickest transportation periods in this business, they keep expanding.

DOT-Line Transportation began around 25 years ago as a truckload transporter with a focus on long-haul travel. DOT-Line Transportation began managing less-than-truckload deliveries in 1985 at the demand of their clients. They continue to be one of America’s fastest-growing shippers because they can provide their clients with dependable and expedited travel times on both truckload and less-than-truckload deliveries. DOT-Line Transportation has historically been a family-run business. They are a non-union company that transports your goods throughout the nation using their own technology, in contrast to numerous other express companies.

Nowadays, DOT-Line Logistics provides coverage to tens of thousands of towns across 25 regions. The organization has always believed in giving its all for the benefit of the client. The pick-up and distribution operators are compensated by the trip, while their line-haul operators are paid by the distance. This ensures that your cargo travels quickly throughout the country and arrives on time.

Although other carriers offer a variety of services, DOT-Line only offers one type of service—fast! They rarely rail, and unlike the majority of their rivals, they never ask for more for their speedy delivery.