DB Schenker Tracking

Enter DB Schenker tracking number or Reference number in the below field to get the delivery status of your parcels, consignments, cargo, online.

Customer Support

Telephone Number: 03-5769-7300

Fax: 03-5769-7301

Email address: [email protected]

Corporate office: Tennoz Central Tower 16F, 2-2-24, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002

DB Schenker Tracking Number Format

You can track your DB Schenker order with Tracking ID, or Reference No. A combination of 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 alphabetic or numeric characters is the most frequent tracking number format. Other, less prevalent formats could exist as well. The Tracking ID is written on the receipt which was given to you by the franchise at the time of collection of your package.

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Products and Services

The company offers its services globally. They are aware of their consumers’ various requirements.

The following are some of their offerings:

Land Transport

DB Schenker’s land transportation products and services encompass a vast network with 430 surface transport branches across Europe. With their choice of high-quality land transport options, you’ll have the reach you need to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you require road, rail, or both, their land shipping options will deliver your cargo where they need to go on time and in good condition.

Air Fright

Their air freight services offer complete solutions for all of your air cargo requirements. They can carry your stuff to any location on the planet. Their air cargo network spans 700 stations across 130 countries. Every year, their crew completes more than a million tons of successful air freight deliveries. They are, in fact, a valuable partner to over 700,000 clients.

Ocean Freight

DB Schenker’s ocean freight division delivers over 5,500 containers per day to locations all around the world; making them a leading forwarder for your ocean freight exports. Their ocean freight forwarding services help more than 700,000 clients in 130 countries manage their global ties.

Contract Logistics

Their contract logistics solutions bring value to your supply chain management process, regardless of your sector. They cover all levels of the supply chain. Their global network spans more than 765 facilities in 60 countries, totaling more than 8,790,000 square meters of inventory storage.

DB Schenker Japan

They’re always there to help, whether it’s with guidance or troubleshooting. Schenker-Seino has offices in ten sites across Japan, from north to south, and includes all major airports and harbors. They also handle nine warehouses around the country.

They may also make use of Seino Transportation’s extensive network, which includes 660 terminals and is one of Japan’s top domestic transportation companies.

About DB Schenker Logistics

db schenker tracking

The first integrated rail shipments from Paris to Vienna were supplied by Gottfried Schenker, who formed Schenker & Co. in Vienna, in 1872. DB Schenker is a logistical corporation based in Germany. In any case, Deutsche Bahn launched this logistics provider in 2002. It provides a variety of delivery options, including air, sea freight, land, and contract logistics. For survival and growth in the market, the organization believes in increasing its offerings. As a result, DB Schenker has up to 2,000 locations in more than 140 countries.

In its several parts, this large German country employs up to 72,000 people. Apart from that, many departments, such as IT and management teams have been established in order to provide the most sophisticated logistical services online. This organization is based in Essence, Germany, as previously stated. The company’s goal is to provide transport and logistics services to customers all over the world. However, the corporation is no longer in the rail freight sector.

How can I track my DB Schenker order?

  1. You can track your order via DB Schenker official website.
  2. You can track your order by putting your tracking number into our above tracking tool as well.

How long does it take for DB Schenker Logistics to deliver?

Normally, they deliver your goods and consignments in 2 to 5 working days. For long-distance deliveries, it may take longer.

Does DB Schenker Logistics deliver on Sunday, or holiday?

Delivery can be on any day other than Sunday, or holiday.