AMD Courier Customer Care:-

Phone number: 703-876-0005
Fax: 703-659-1290
Contact Email: [email protected]
Office Address: 2935 Gallows Rd. Falls Church, VA 22042

About AMD: 

One of the best-known companies in the tech industry is AMD. The business is renowned for providing the most potent CPUs. In addition to producing CPUs, it also produced other high-powered items like supercomputers, video game consoles, and cloud infrastructures for laptop computers. The business has established enduring connections within the sector over time and partnered with others for ongoing progress in the same field.

If we look back in time, we discover that the company was founded in 1969. It began as a silicon valley start-up with a few workers that specialized in semiconductor goods. From these modest beginnings, it developed into the option of choice for the entire world, meeting the requirements of the contemporary computer industry. However, the corporation is constantly prepared to use its semiconductor technology to grow the computing sector.

For extremely high-end components, including CPUs, FPGAs, GPUs, SoCs, and sophisticated software, AMD is the industry leader. The business ships its goods all over the globe. As a result, anyone in the globe can get the item and keep track of it anytime they like.

How do I track my AMD order?

You may follow your item with the AMD tracking solution. You can monitor items more easily with the aid of the tracking box you can see above. The tracking number must be entered in this area as the only requirement. This ID will be sent to you by the provider in the confirmation email. When you receive the number, type it and click “track” in the text. You will be able to track the status of your AMD order when some time has passed.