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The courier was founded by James R Berger in 1969 the same year as DHL and four years before FedEx. After that, the  Courier began to form a vast worldwide operational network of couriers on-board private aircraft, chartered aircraft, helicopter transport, and on the ground to magnify priority service.

In the 1970s
World Courier kept on expanding its global existence, fusing into the European countries including France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Denmark. Meanwhile, it also made a presence in North America, South Africa, Japan, and Singapore.

In 1984 World Courier handles its first shipments in cryogenics and human organ transplants setting the bar in bio-medical transportation.

World Courier Canada is recognized as an important milestone in the evolution of both air travel and pharmaceuticals. In 1989, they handled the first clinical trial related to HIV

The 2012 merger of World Courier and the AmerisourceBergen group has brought new opportunities for specialized logistics providers like them. The joining company not only specializes in medical commercialization but also becomes an integral part of their business through capabilities that extend beyond just shipping pharmaceuticals across international borders - they're now able to offer clinical trials with shorter wait times.

World Courier’s network of associates has grown more than 2400 people in more than 140 company-owned offices in 50+ countries. 

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