Roadrunner Dawes Freight Systems (RDFS) Customer Support

Contact Phone number: (800) 831-4394

Contact Email: [email protected]

About RDFS

RDFS Road Runner Freight Tracking

The LTL freight that is transported by the Roadrunner Service is as unique as it is. They combine the characteristics of an origination merger type system with a center and spoke design, giving their value to the consumer of both network architectures: reduced cargo processing and reduced travel time.

They have 21 branch offices across the nation and their Downers Grove, Illinois, office, where they staff close to 1,000 individuals. Due to outstanding connections with other carriers, rail providers, and 3rd party delivery companies, Roadrunner’s clients have access to every significant town in the U.S. More than 450 local private contractors are available to transport your cargo to local locations close to your main metropolis as part of LTL solutions. Their distribution area has been carefully planned in order to meet the demands of their customers and provide what they need the next day.

By way of EDI, API, our web service, SMS, and email alerts, Roadrunner offers tracking services. You may track your item on their client portal by going to their tracking page and entering your 9-digit PRO/tracking # or receipt ID. Moreover, you may sign up for email or text messaging trackers for specific deliveries or sign up to get alerts for all deliveries scheduled through your profile by choosing “Notify Me When Shipment Updates” on the tracking website.

How do I track my roadrunner?

By entering your tracking number into easytracking’s web–based tracker, you may track and trace your package. You will immediately receive the most recent information.

What happened to Roadrunner Transportation?

Roadrunner only had its less-than-truckload operation last year after losing three of its truckload operations. The company liquidated its multimodal, flatbed, and warehousing businesses, as well as affiliate Stagecoach Cartage, after posting a net loss of $266 million in 2019.