Prestige Portraits Customer support:-

Phone number:(661) 829-1088
Office Address: 7600 Meany Ave Bakersfield, CA 93308

About Prestige Portraits

Private company Prestige Portraits operates photo studios and collaborates with educational institutions. This company's offerings include the creation of classy senior photos as a tribute to students' accomplishments. Additionally, the firm offers portrait solutions for gatherings of family and close friends in addition to high schools. Each customer has unique requirements, and Prestige Portrait offers a variety of photo shoots and programmes to satisfy the requirements of its clients. The organisation will provide everything it has to make each senior year special.

A pioneer in superior senior photography on a large scale, Prestige Portraits is connected to your neighborhood. Their talented photographers have undergone background checks and take pleasure in their job. You can obtain assistance with everything from senior photo session preparation to yearbook assistance from their regional branches and staff. Additionally, they provide a simple and safe purchase process that is PCI-compliant, and their PhotoTracker software ensures that every kid is included in your yearbook. Through their regional contact center, families and children can receive customer service support Monday through Saturday. Additionally, their pre-event marketing generates excitement and knowledge among parents, students, and teachers to get senior photography sessions off to a great start.

How do I track my Prestige Portraits?

With the use of the tracking box provided above, you can follow the progress of your Prestige Portrait purchase. The confirmation email you get from the firm comes with a tracking number. Simply copy and paste this number into the tracking box, then hit the track button. You will soon have access to the tracking details for your merchandise once you have finished this step.

How long do Prestige Portraits keep photos?

Your digital images will be kept by Prestige Portraits for more than two years after they have been taken during your photo session. 

How long does it take to receive Prestige Portraits?

Expect your photographs to arrive two to three weeks after they process your request.