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About Cardinal Health

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In the USA, Cardinal is a business that offers healthcare solutions. It appears to be a global American provider of medical solutions. It ranks as the fourteenth-largest revenue-generating organization nationwide. Their primary line of work is to deliver pharmaceutical and medical supplies while operating offices in more than 100,000 sites. There, the personnel are very competent and really professional. As a result, they also produce a variety of medical and surgical equipment, including gloves, needles, and clothing for the healthcare profession. There are 48,000 employees, per the 2021 assessment. The corporate office is located in Dublin, Ohio. This corporation offers its medical supplies to more than 75% of healthcare institutions in the USA.

In addition to this, the company also manages the largest chain of radio pharmacies. Robert D. Walter created the business in 1971. It was initially a company that concentrated on the wholesale of food. Nevertheless, the voyage of marketing medicines had already begun when it joined with the Bailey Drug Manufacturers in 1979. When Cardinal Health first debuted in 1994, it was ranked as the third-largest distributor of pharmaceuticals in the United States.

The organisation now operates in more than 30 nations, offering a variety of useful solutions. China, Germany, the Philippines, the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, the UK, and many other countries are among them. Another fantastic benefit that this business provides you with is the inclusion of Cardinal Courier Tracking. This feature allows you to add the reference number to the text box above. Click the track icon after that. As a result, you will shortly be able to view the order’s current status. In any situation, you must get in touch with customer support if you notice a mistake. The finest advice will come from them.

What does OptiFreight do?

Cardinal Health, a Fortune 17 healthcare services provider, launched OptiFreight® Logistics in 2003 with the goal of assisting hospital clients in better managing their supply chains and reining in their tiny package direct freight expenses.