About Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta Tracking

To suit the many sorts of customers’ logistical demands, Nova Poshta, a firm with roots in Ukraine, offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions. This significant Ukrainian organisation links businesses from abroad with Ukraine.

The business was established to dominate the transportation sector. Nova is designed to simultaneously offer customers quick and easy options and help several businesses maintain a logistical chain. The company raises its bar and assists other Ukrainian businesses in expanding. Additionally, the business began to grow worldwide in 2014 with the opening of offices in Nova Poshta, Moldova and Georgia. It now has more than 6000 branches spread out over Ukraine as a result of their ongoing effort. They are running Nova Poshta International Shipping to the best of their abilities.

Nova Poshta achieved a milestone in 2019 by safely sending 212 million couriers, and they are continuing to do an excellent job. With more than 28,000 workers, it is currently among the largest businesses in Ukraine.

How can I track my Nova Poshta?

When you order a shipping item with Nova Poshta, it will provide an invoice with a barcode and a 14-digit reference number. This id can be used to identify your package. Simply enter this ID in the tracking area provided above to complete the process. After that, simply click the track icon to finish. Check your item’s progress at this time.

What do you mean by Nova Poshta global?

You can order parcel services all around the world with Nova Poshta Global’s assistance. The Nova offers simple, economical international shipping. More than 200 nations and regions are served by Nova Poshta’s logistics services. As a result, clients can ship goods anywhere in the world.