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Alessandro and Dario, two Italian footwear specialists, launched Hey Dude in the summer of 2008. The first Hey Dude shoe hit the sector in February 2009. A year later, the corporation had achieved enough to open a subsidiary in the United States, which was done by Daniele, a recent addition to the team. Soon after, in June 2010, businesses in eastern Asia, South America, and all of Europe began to spread, and Dude was being distributed all over the globe.

Hey Dude Shoes delivered 1 million pairs by October 2011—just over 30 months after the firm was formed—demonstrating the rapid success of the lightweight, comfy, trendy, and inexpensive shoes. Hey Dude is a company that is committed to providing customers with awesome footwear and new experiences. Because of this commitment and the need to innovate, Hey Dude produced their first water shoe, the Mistral, in 2017. This shoe has a specially made insole that can get wet and preserve a firm hold while any liquid quickly drains away.

Along with creating numerous new eco-friendly patterns, such as the Eco Knit, the Eco Knit collection, which is based on the well-known Wally design, creates a cutting-edge, breathable shoe using reused materials. Additionally, they have a unique service where you can track and trace your order online using their online tracker system.