Flamingo Customer Support

Phone number: 5126689771

Flamingo website: https://m.flamingo.shop/store/

Email: [email protected]

About Flamingo

Flamingo Order Tracking

Flamingo is your newest shopping location for a vibrant, energetic, and exciting way of life. They wish for life to be more enjoyable, lively, and colorful since they are flamingos. With Flamingo, you can continue living your best possible life whenever, wherever, and on any budget.

Why should superior quality always be more expensive? They assembled a staff with the goal of identifying the suppliers who typically work with the major names under consideration. However, they chose to give those goods directly to you—hand-picked, tested and wrapped by them—rather than developing a fancy label and charging you additional for the luxury you obviously expect.

Our shipment procedure: Once an item is made and packed, it will arrive in 7–10 working days via a two-legged shipping service. Their goods arrive in the US in quantity from their manufacturing plants in Asia, where they are immediately handed over to USPS for selection, packaging, and shipment. Additionally, you can track and trace your shipments using their world-class flamingo order tracking service.

How do I track my flamingo package?

You can simply track and trace your orders using the easytrackings web tracker. You need only enter your tracking number in the space above.

What shipping company does Flamingo use?

Only arrange item delivery once the receiver has signed into the facility. Meeting planners and attendees are urged to get in touch with FedEx Office ahead of time with any special queries about delivering their items to Flamingo.