12 Fastest Courier Services In India – Save Time And Money

Lately, there has been a rise in the number of online shoppers and retailers who are looking for courier services to deliver their packages. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right service and company that will not only provide you with a quick delivery but will also offer an affordable price. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the fastest courier services in India! It includes both international and national companies that guarantee next-day or same-day package deliveries at competitive rates.

To deliver your product on time, we have compiled a list of the fastest courier services in India that will not only save you money and give customers the best shipping experience.

Top 12 Best & Fastest Courier Services In India

fastest courier services in india

1) Bluedart Courier

fastest courier service in india

BlueDart (partner of DHL) is one of the top and fastest courier services in India, with a proven track record for fast and cheap delivery. It recently got acquired by DHL.

Started from Chennai, it has now expanded internationally to ship packages across 220 countries worldwide.

BlueDart can help you get your order delivered quickly through express shipping without escalating costs – so why not give them a try? They offer both COD (cash on delivery) and express delivery.

2) Aramex Courier Company

Aramex is a UAE-based eCommerce courier company that operates in India and has been around since 1997. They are excellent for international deliveries, providing express import and export services as well as domestic ones including COD (cash on delivery), co-packing, bulk orders, and seamless order tracking. As an industry leader, they provide great options for Indian businesses to get their products delivered quickly across the country with additional perks like cheaper rates than competitors such as FedEx or DHL.

3) Delhivery Courier

fastest courier service in india

Delhivery is one of the most reliable and best courier service providers that has a wide range of services for domestic and international shipments. This courier ensures to deliver satisfaction at your doorstep in the least time possible.

It also offers reverse logistics, eCommerce support, etc. catering to various successful businesses’ needs with its express service called Delhivery Expresses which provides on-demand delivery options!

In addition, it provides other famous services such as Same Day Delivery / Next Day Delivery (Domestic) & Standard Shipping For International Deliveries as per requirements of you and your customers.

Check: Delhivery Tracking

4) DTDC Courier Company

DTDC (Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo) Express Ltd. is a major global logistics company headquartered in India that offers eCommerce businesses the option of customizing deliveries as per customer preferences, including services like COD, collect-on-delivery, and express delivery. The division operates on both intercity and intracity levels for maximum fulfillment across boundaries.

5) Xpressbees Logistics

Another famous name in best courier services in India is XpressBees Logistics.

XpressBees is a one-stop destination for delivering eCommerce parcels with the same day, next day, and cash on delivery serviceability. It’s used by various companies to ship their products at the lowest costs.

6) Ecom Express Logistics Company

Next on our list of best courier services for e-commerce in India is Ecom Express Logistics. To fulfill the needs of e-commerce businesses, Ecom Express offers world-class courier services. With 27000+ pin codes on their list, they are known for providing heavy security and surveillance during storage or transportation of your high-value goods like jewelry.

Their additional service is doorstep quality checks (QC) to ensure that returned items are delivered safely and within a time frame of 72 hours guaranteed as well by them.

7) DotZot

DTDC’s Dotzot is a courier service that can deliver eCommerce parcels the next day to customers in major Indian cities. The company understands how important it is for online businesses like you to cut costs while at the same time meeting your customer’s demands of speediness. With this end goal in mind, DotZot bridges any gap between what both parties want and need by providing cheap yet speedy deliveries all over India with its services.

8) Gati Courier

Gati established in 1989 is a fast and reliable Indian logistics delivery service for those who need to send items quickly. It is one of the best options for e-commerce entrepreneurs in India.

They offer express services with next-day shipping, as well as their Express Plus option which provides even faster same-day or overnight deliveries using COD payment methods.

9) DHL

DHL is one of the best courier partners in India, allowing you to send domestic and international packages across 220 countries. For fast shipping domestically and internationally for a reasonable price, use DHL’s express delivery option without spending too much money.

However, it operates under the name of DTDC in India for domestic shipments.

10) Shadowfax

As a courier, Shadowfax is one of the best options to get your shipments delivered fast and safely. Its low cost and quick delivery make it an easy choice for eCommerce sellers who want to track their orders or reverse ship products without having the process drag on too long. It’s only been around for about five years but has already established itself as being trustworthy with its promise of reliable parcel deliveries every time

11) FedEx

When it comes to eCommerce shipping, FedEx is the biggest and best. With express options available as well as COD services FedEx is a popular shipping company that provides many express services along with COD options at low rates. This helps eCommerce merchants ship their parcels quickly and easily for customer satisfaction.

12) Safe Express Logistics Company

Safe Express is not only one of India’s oldest courier companies, but it provides a range of eCommerce logistics services. Since the beginning, Safe Express has equipped its vehicles with PRS-enabled smart devices to ensure fast delivery while customers receive real-time tracking updates and are able to determine what route will be most efficient for their order.

Its secured deliveries include receipts when packages reach destinations on schedule so that both parties have proof of arrival and can communicate straight away if necessary in case there was any damage during transit or communication problems.

Concluding The Fastest Courier Servies In India

India’s best eCommerce courier services providers can help you deliver your customer orders on time and at their desired location. These companies have a good reputation for high-quality service with a PAN India presence, which makes them the best choice for small to medium-size businesses looking to hire couriers in India.

Hundreds of different Indian businesses trust these delivery partners as they have been delivering excellent quality services across netizens pan-India so that users are happy by receiving their products within deadlines without worrying about its safety while being delivered through bad roads or traffic-congested areas & also covering various geographical regions like hills and terrains where other logistics players cannot reach easily because it is too risky due to such conditions.