Fair Trade Customer Care:-

Hotline Phone Number: 0421 / 17598

Email: [email protected]

Headquarters: Am Brill 18, 28195 Bremen

About Fair Trade

Fairness prevails in trade. In 1992, Schiffahrt Handel & Logistik GmbH was established in Bremen as a neutral, unaffiliated NVOCC. One of the company's subsidiaries is located in Hamburg. With approximately 100 employees at present, Fair Trade is led by its co-owners, whose expertise has a substantial impact on the company's ongoing growth and progress.

As one of the leading European providers of frequent worldwide aggregated cargo services, Fair Trade has a well-established network of elite, impartial partners and agents in the various loading locations. This guarantees that all deliveries—from the time our customers place an order to shipment at the loading location to distribute at the checkpoints or transit to the final stop—are managed and supervised on a timely manner. Using monthly direct cargo delivery from across all load-carrying terminals throughout the globe, they transport your goods from each distribution point straight to the finish site. From their own trucks and logistic vehicles, they may go from Hamburg and Bremen to any point in Europe.

With continuous cargo transportation to all well-known international locations via Hamburg and Bremen, including both exports and imports, Fair Trade is one of Germany's leading multinational freight NVOCCs. The unbiased operation now includes the management of European overland transport, ensuring long-term and efficient shipping management. In order to assist efficient processing and follow-up of all transportation orders to the greatest feasible satisfaction of customers, the company maintains constant communication with consumers, its worldwide infrastructure of agencies, network carriers, and active agents.

How do I track Fair Trade container?

You may track and trace your container using Easytracking's web tracking tool. You just have to do one single step. Enter your tracking number in the section above. Your order's entire history will be displayed. Visit their official website for additional confirmation.