At Easy Trackings, we are passionate about education and hard work. We are aware that many students around us want to pursue their education, but they are unable to afford the expense, so we at Easy Trackings are offering a $2000 scholarship to deserving students.

We have already awarded scholarships worth $3000 in 2021-22

Scholarship Winners

Adam Wilson - $1000
Victoria Brown - $2000
Alexandra Keck - $2000

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount is $2000 and it will be awarded to one student for their education expenses in the form of fee compensation.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

In order to participate in the scholarship contest, applicants must meet the following criteria:

How to Apply for the Scholarship?

Applying for a scholarship is easy. We have intentionally made the application process very simple so that only a maximum number of students can apply for it. Only one winner will be selected.

Topics To Write

Write an essay on any of the following topics of your choice

  1. How Insurance Companies have helped logistics business during Covid 19 .
  2. Best company of Car Insurance Fuquay Varina NC.
  3. How To Consolidate Private Student Loans Into Federal Loans.
  4. Why USDA Loan Mortgage Companies are successful.
  5. Write an essay on any successful Houston Maritime Attorney.

Here are the steps to apply for the scholarship program:

How will applications be reviewed?

Our team will manually review each article/application submitted and list the winners on this page after the deadline date.

Privacy Policy for Scholarship

NOTEEasy Trackings Privacy Policy for all scholarship applicants ensures that personal information will not be shared and is for our own internal review only. No information collected during this process will be given to 3rd parties and students maintain complete rights over the submitted articles. The scholarship offer can be canceled anytime considering the status of the funds.