Are you tired of your mail and packages getting lost? In this rapidly advancing world of global logistics and shipments, it is becoming a necessity to track your parcels. Otherwise, it can get lost somewhere and mostly you cannot do anything about it. Therefore, it is important to ship your packages to a company that provides tracking services. For instance, DHL offers their customers to keep track of their packages.

DHL is one of the leading courier companies in the world for shipping things across the world. You can trust them for both domestic and international shipments. Moreover, it provides ways to let you send a shipment and then track it to remain aware of the whereabouts of your package. So, let me dive into the details of courier tracking.

DHL Tracking

Tracking DHL Shipments: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tracking a package is usually an easy process. It is essential to understand the process and get the benefits of the provided services to locate your parcel. So, here is how to track your shipment handled by DHL;

By following these simple steps you can get all the information you need about your package. Moreover, you can enter up to 10 tracking numbers at a time and the status of all ten of the packages will be shown to you.

What do you need for Courier Tracking?

Before moving towards parcel tracking, you should know about the information and resources you might need to proceed with tracking. Following is all the information you need on what resources will help you in tracking.

Tracking Number

At the time of dispatch, either the shipper or the seller will give you a number. This number is the tracking number or the identifier which is unique and each package gets a different tracking number. This number is important because it will help you in tracking the package. So, try to save this number because you might need it later.

Waybill Number

Waybill is a reference number and it can also be used as a tracking number. Both work the same. Moreover, it is used by courier companies to manage shipments. You can use it interchangeably with the tracking number. So, if you receive a waybill number, save it in case you lose your tracking number.

Shipper’s Reference

Sometimes the shippers give a reference in the form of a code. This does not always happen but if the shipper feels the need, they might assign you one. It can be an order number or invoice number. Moreover, you need to have this number because it will easily locate your parcel.

Destination Postal Code

A destination postal code or ZIP code is not necessary but it is better to give this number during tracking as it helps in narrowing down the packages. Often, more than one package is delivered to the same area so this might reduce the chances of tracking the wrong parcel.

Additionally, different courier companies have different requirements so they may ask you for something else. However, in DHL tracking this information will help you. Moreover, mostly you can find out your tracking status by a tracking number or waybill only.

What Do the DHL Online Tracking Statuses Mean?

Once you enter the tracking number, instantly you will receive your parcel’s status. These statuses might confuse some people. So, it is better to understand what each one of them stands for. Let me explain it in detail to you.

In Transit

If your tracking status says in transit, it means that the package is on its way toward you. If you are waiting to receive a parcel then in transit means the courier company is sending it to your address.

Arrived Overseas

Arrived overseas means that the package is now in the country where it was sent or in the receiver’s country.

Shipment Information Received / Shipment is Pre-Advised

If you receive a shipment that is pre-advised as a status, it means that the item is being labeled with the shipping label. The information is attached to it but it is waiting for the DHL courier to pick it up.

Poste Restante

This status means that the parcel is at the destination office but it has to be there till the receiver or addressee collects it from the office.

Arrival Scan

This means that the scanning process of the item at the courier facility is done.


When your tracking says ‘redirected’, you should know that the address written on the package was incorrect and now the courier agent will attempt to send the package again at another time.

Out for Delivery/ Arrived at Delivery Facility

Out for Delivery or Arrived at delivery facility means that the parcel has now arrived at the destination point.

Cleared Customs

This status means that the parcel has gone through customs and is clear.

Arrived at Sort Facility

This means that the item has reached the receiving country’s first sorting facility and now they will check it there and then send it to the addressee’s city.

Exported to Opened

Exported to Opened shows that the item is sent back to the sender’s country.

Departure to a Country of Destination

This suggests that the item is on its way to reach the receiver’s country.

Shipment on Hold

It means that your package is now inside the holding area along with other parcels. Furthermore, it will be picked up by the DHL delivery network and should be delivered to you on time.

DHL needs Further Information from the Importer

This status is self-explanatory. However, please keep in mind that you do not need to provide DHL with any further information. DHL will clear this status. There is no lack of information from your side and if there is any, DHL will contact you through their official email or phone number.

Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt

Getting this status shows that your delivery was not done and it had some issues. Please note that you will receive some additional information with this status based on the problem with your delivery.

Returned to Sender

As obvious from its title, it means that the item was sent back to the sender. Moreover, it can be due to various reasons, you may or may not be informed about it.

About DHL

DHL is a USA-founded German international courier company. It is one of the largest and most well-trusted logistic companies and is part of the larger Deutsche Post DHL Group, headquartered in Bonn, Germany. It offers various shipment services. For instance, you can contact them for international shipping, courier, and parcel delivery services. Furthermore, it also does express delivery, freight transportation, supply chain management, and e-commerce solutions.

The company continuously works towards controlling its environmental effect. It uses alternative fuel vehicles and aims to convert 50% of its vehicles to using compressed natural gas in the near future. Moreover, the company also provides services like courier tracking to gain customers’ trust.

DHL Update Detection

If everything goes smoothly, it takes merely a few minutes to update the status of your package. An electronic device is used to generate this update from the DHL facility. However, if it does not update on time there might be an issue. Usually, they give it to the local postal service for a final destination. You can still contact DHL or try entering the tracking number again and refreshing the page.


Can I Find A DHL Package Without A Tracking Number?

If you do not remember your tracking number try using the waybill or reference number. If you do not have a reference number, contact the shipper or the dealer immediately so you can get a reference number.

Can I track multiple packages at once with DHL?

Yes, you can track multiple packages at the same time. DHL allows you to track more than one package simultaneously.

Can I track international shipments with DHL?

Yes, with DHL you can make and track shipments done domestically and internationally. It will give you an update on every step during your package delivery journey.

What if my tracking number is not recognized?

There can be multiple reasons for the system not recognizing the tracking number. Typically, it is due to the incorrect tracking number. However, they might have generated the tracking number recently and the system might not have been activated. Whatever the reason is, try to double-check your tracking number and if the issue persists, contact the shipper.

Can I receive notifications or alerts for tracking updates?

Yes, DHL offers the notification service. You can either use SMS or email service to stay updated on the whereabouts of your package.


In a nutshell, keep an eye on your parcel’s progress. It is good to know about the current status of your parcel and in case of any problem take the necessary measurements on time. Moreover, DHL assigns a unique tracking number which is used to track your parcel’s status. Understanding what these statuses mean is essential because it shows your packages’ current progress.